Bring a little bit of Sparrow home, every week. Purchase a weekly Cookshare! It’s up to you how you’d like to spend your weekly share. Use it to purchase food – raw or prepared, learn how to cook by using your credit to take a cooking class, or, simply eat and enjoy it here at Sparrow. If you don’t use all of your share credit in one week, the remaining balance will roll over to the following week. Your share can accrue until the end of the calendar year. If you are worried about how to use your share if you accrue a sizable amount, don’t be. Your share can be used for a private party, you can gift cooking classes, use it for one of our holiday-meals-to-go and much, much more. Oh, and Cookshare Members get a 15% discount on anything we sell (alcoholic beverages not included). Sign up below.

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