Sparrow Cookshop

Sparrow Bar + Cookshop, a farm to table space in Houston, Texas, that specializes in global cuisine while sourcing local ingredients.

Sparrow Cookshop

Monica focuses on Houston’s best local and regional ingredients in combination with Chef Monica Pope’s global travels and influences. 

Monica and the Cookshop are still available for cooking classes, private parties and events. Please email Monica at or call/text her at 713-875-7496.

Want more of Monica Pope? Join or create a cooking class, host an event, or bring the Cookshop home.


sparrow cookshop togo

Ever wanted to take Sparrow with you? Now you can! Order Cookshop items TO GO like doughs, breads, granolas, sauces, dressings, proteins, spices and sweets. Let us know when you'd like to pick it up and we'll have it ready for you to enjoy the Cookshop - from home.