Food as Medicine - March 8th at 6:30pm - Improving Digestive Health

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Food as Medicine - March 8th at 6:30pm - Improving Digestive Health


March 8th - Improving Digestive Health

6:30pm - Upstairs in the Cookshop at 3701 Travis St.

Join integrative functional medicine dietitian of Naturally Nourished, Ali Miller, as she walks you through a food-as-medicine dining experience prepared and created by chef Monica Pope of Sparrow Bar + Cookshop.

Learn about how your digestive system functions under optimal conditions, the role of each digestive organ and how to improve their functionality with food-as-medicine approaches. 

In this food as medicine experience you will learn how to address heart burn, GERD (reflux), indigestion, yeast overgrowth, bloating, bowel regularity with natural traditional and locally sourced foods prepared in perfection. 

Learn about irritants to your digestive tract and foods that cause imbalance of bacteria and can lead to "Leaky Gut" which can exacerbate autoimmune conditions and inflammation. From this event you will understand the difference of a food allergy vs. sensitivity and how to identify these foods.

Event includes lecture, educational materials, and dinner at $65/person. This event is BYOB.

*Menu is comprised of gluten-free and low glycemic courses featuring grass-fed or wild proteins, local produce, and food-as-medicine focus. We can work to omit some ingredients but as this is a lecture, cooking demo/tasting, specialty orders will not be able to be accommodated.

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