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"OIMBY" Summer Sunday Brunch Series

Monica Pope invites you to join her at her live-work studio, the Cookshop and garden for Sunday brunch. Called “Outstanding In My Backyard (OIMBY)”, this up-close-and-personal brunch event is limited to only 30 adult attendees and 10 kids.

Each brunch will be curated differently but you will always be offered a special cocktail (plus you can bring your own!), great food, some fun craft for kids and adults and a seat at one long table. It’s called Community. 12-3pm inside (A/C) and outside in my backyard obviously. Up to 2 children under 12 years of age, per paid adult brunch can dine for free. (Limited to the first 10 kids.)

Grab a ticket or lots of tickets. Seats limited. This is gonna be HOT!


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Salon Style Sunday Suppers

Create your own private supper and eat it too with the Pope. Gather a group of friends and enjoy a unique dining experience at Sparrow Cookshop. We'll cook a little and eat together. Available on Sundays only. Minimum 8 and maximum 12 people.

Send Monica an email at monica@monicapopehouston.com to check availability and discuss details.




Build Your Own Cooking Class

Work with Monica to create your own private cooking experience. Whether you are looking for a fun social gathering with friends or want to offer a unique team building experience for your company, Monica can develop a one-of-a-kind class for you. Classes can be designed around a theme such as Holiday Appetizers or Sparrow Favorites or you can let Monica pick the menu based on what is freshest at the market.

Minimum 8 and maximum 18 people. Send Monica an email at monica@monicapopehouston.com to check availability and discuss details.



Thera+KIDS Cooking As Therapy Classes (Children 4-9)

In collaboration with Thera+Kids and Lori A. Gross, M.A., CCC-SLP, we offer co-treatment cooking sessions providing opportunities to develop and support your child’s social-emotional competencies, executive functioning, listening skills, sensory processing, self-modulation, motor skills and expanding eating preferences. For scheduling & pricing, contact Lori at lori@thera-kids.com.